I attended the Otero County Commissioners meeting …

I attended the Otero County Commissioners meeting this AM. I was fully prepared to speak in defense of our union brothers and sisters against the injustice of the current union-busting strategy of so-called “Right to Work” laws. The meeting was well attended, with people standing in the hall. When the commission addressed right to work, the proposed law was titled in ambiguous language, and was pulled out of agenda order to sow confusion. A woman in the audience raised her hand for clarification of the wording in order to ascertain if this was the bill we were there to address. They asked her to state her name, then proceeded to ignore her question. The commissioners ignored the amendments supplied by their own lawyer. They refused to have public comment. They voted for “Right to Work” by trampling over the rights of the people to speak.

Let me speak plainly. When you act in secrecy during what is purported to be a public meeting, you are NOT on the people’s side.

I will always stand up for the working people of New Mexico. www.mad4nm.com