Deportation injustice is taking place in …

Deportation injustice is taking place in Albuquerque as I write this! Khadim is an Iraqi man who came to this country as a refugee in the early 1990s and has worked with the US military training soldiers for warfare in the Middle East. He had an ICE check-in set for September, but it was reset for today!

A son, who still lived in Iraq was KIDNAPPED three years ago because of Khadim’s work here. Khadim’s wife and four children here are all US born citizens.

Deporting him to Iraq is tantamount to a death sentence! This madness MUST STOP!

To change this horrific behavior being perpetrated by our government you MUST vote BLUE! You MUST become ACTIVISTS! You MUST stand up for what you believe and help fix this!

Contact me via message and let’s work together for a better tomorrow!