Senate Republicans deployed the “nuclear option” …

Senate Republicans deployed the “nuclear option” against all better judgement. With this action, they have effectively turned themselves into a carbon copy of the dysfunctional House. The Senate is supposed to be above this sort of infighting, representing a more measured type of action. Very importantly, Republicans do NOT get to pay lip service to the morality of NOT doing an action…and then go ahead and DO it!
There is simply no correct reason to make this horrific change in the Senate’s rules. If a nominee cannot get enough votes, then the nomination is supposed to change to a more equitable nominee for both sides. We are NOT supposed to see extremists on EITHER side get shoved through based on the bad behavior of one man — in this case Mitch McConnell.
We MUST turn as many seats blue as possible in the midterm election!
Get MAD and vote blue!
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Why would House Republicans boycott a …

Why would House Republicans boycott a NONPOLITICAL, NONCONTROVERSIAL hearing aranged by a Democrat? This hearing was intended to provide a knowledge base for representatives on strategies and methods of Russians. Nothing was discussed about Trump, and wasn’t on the agenda. This was about an FBI double agent telling how things are done by the Russians.

Guess what? Not a SINGLE Republican showed up! That kind of partisan behavior is dysfunctional and won’t change until we turn the House BLUE!

Get MAD and vote blue!

Jared Kushner has become the real Secretary of …

Jared Kushner has become the real Secretary of State, it appears. Dumber has replaced Dumb. How can these people think that someone unversed in the intricacies (and tricks) of foriegn diplomacy will be able to successfully perform this job? Jared is a babe in the woods… And his every word and action will be taken seriously. Yes, he can cause a war by saying the wrong word.

Sadly, we can’t get rid of these people until we take back the house.

Get MAD and vote blue!