Many thanks to the VC FDW Valencia County …

Many thanks to the VC FDW Valencia County Federation of Democratic Women for organizing last night’s forum. These events are such important opportunities to learn about the differences between candidates. If you missed it, these are some of the issues I addressed in response to the questions both candidates for Congressional District 2 were asked:

1. It’s critical that access to healthcare includes mental health and addiction treatment
2. Going to school on the GI Bill and working hard to get both a Master’s degree and a PhD helped me appreciate the value of education as well as the important role that government can play in leveling the playing field for working class people
3. Education benefits in New Mexico need to start at the Pre-K level so that the children in working class families have equal opportunities to build on educational success
4. Vocational and technical education must be included in the educational opportunities made available to everyone

As a veteran myself, I believe that I am very well equipped to relate to the large number of new representatives in Congress who are veterans. I’ll continue to fight hard for all New Mexicans in Washington! Learn more about my priorities at


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