Sitting in front of the Senate Judiciary …

Sitting in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and under oath, Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen found a way to “truthfully” tell an untruth. Sort of. Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt) asked her if Trump had used the term “sh**hole” in reference to African countries and Haiti. She had to form her answer carefully, because there before her sat a man who was in the same room as she (Senator Dick Durbin D-Ill), when Trump used that language, and knew the answer as well as she. She stuttered her reply, “I just don’t… I don’t… that’s… I don’t…,” and then finally got out a near untruth, “that’s not a word that I remember being used.” Then she blamed the flurry of conversations around her at the time as her reason for not quite hearing the ‘word.’ But then she finished lamely, “it’s not a particular phrase that I heard.”

This refusal to address even small events truthfully renders the entire Republican side seemingly defective, unproductive, and untrustworthy. We need to replace them with people you can trust. That’s why I’m running for US Congress – to replace an untrustworthy Congressman with a woman you can trust… a Woman of the People!

Today, around this great nation, Americans have …

Today, around this great nation, Americans have reflected on the legacy of Martin Luther King. Alone, he stood before the multitudes and asked, persuasively, for a new world. We are in that world, imperfect though it may be, his assassination leaving a fissure across the possibility he saw. It is incumbent upon us, his heirs of all races, to see through his DREAM, and bring it to fruition. We must pluck from our harvest the rotten fruits of racism and sexism and negativity, and leave a vibrant, strong and healthy future for our children. I had the great fortune to meet Representative John Lewis while I was in Washington DC. He is a part of the legacy of the movement Martin Luther King led. To hear him speak of our current president in answer to a question by George Stephanopolous: “I think he is a racist,” must send a shiver through our collective peoples who make up this country. We must not, ever, forget the eloquent demands of Martin Luther King. And we must act on them.

Democrat Running For Congress Announces $132,000 Raised In Fourth Quarter

Democrat Running For Congress Announces $132,000 Raised In Fourth Quarter Commentary: SOCORRO–Mad Hildebrandt, Democratic candidate for New Mexico’s Second Congressional District, announced today that her campaign has raised Source: