I’m proud of the fact I’m not a political …

I’m proud of the fact I’m not a political insider. And I’m proud of who I am. I’m a mother who has raised two great kids and a vet who has proudly served my country. I’m the wife of a vet, a gun owner and a college professor with a Ph.D. in history. If that sounds like someone you’d like to send to Congress, I’m your gal. In Congress, my priorities will include…

-Stronger background checks, mental-health screening and age limits before purchasing a firearm.

-Reducing the cost of higher education and supporting funding to expand early-childhood education here in New Mexico.

-Utilizing my background in the United States Armed Forces and the Military Police to support state and local law enforcement in efforts to crack down on crime, drug dealers and drug trafficking.

-Reversing the Trump administration’s anti-environment, pro-fracking agenda and ushering in a new era of economic expansion around New Mexico’s abundant, clean, renewable-energy sources.

-Supporting working families by expanding paid family and medical leave and enforcing equal pay for equal work legislation.

If these sound like your priorities as well, I could sure use your support! www.mad4nm.com #getmad #mad4nm