I do not support the new GOP tax plan. This is …

I do not support the new GOP tax plan. This is like getting coal for Christmas, wrapped in pretty paper. It sounds good on the outside, but there are so many traps, and backdoor corporate deals, hidden within. Just a few: it would repeal the Johnson Act, thereby allowing churches and 501(c)3 charities to endorse and actively support a candidate. It opens the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling. It cuts the federal income, but doesn’t address how the shortfall is met. what services won’t be provided? Who’s state Is most affected? Ours? How will the needs of Indian Country be addressed of they didn’t even consult with the various Governors before creating this plan? Democrats, liberals, independents, Real Republicans, workers, and middle class — we cannot allow the pillaging to continue. We must push back against Corporate takeover. This begins on the ground now, and in the voting booth.

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