Like over half the country, and all Democrats, I …

Like over half the country, and all Democrats, I watched with dismay as Donald Trump won the presidency. I am running for Congress because of it. It was NECESSARY for Hillary to win. But, she didn’t.

Donna Brazile’s tale of Hillary’s total control over the DNC through loans & contracts is frightening, angering, and dare I said it … SAD! This is not how I view election finance reform, and not a place upon which it should be built. I proudly voted for Bernie in the primary, and I proudly voted for Hillary in the general election. Whether we love them, our hate them, we MUST see our way beyond the Bernie/Hillary scandals of our past … even when those scandals are so recent that we still feel pain.

I TRULY wanted to see Hillary shatter the glass ceiling and sit in that oval office. As a woman, and heir to my suffragette forebears, seeing a woman attain that seat is a dearly-held goal. But, at what cost?

My fellow Democrats, we are a family of many. We must push aside our own angers, as we would with our own brothers and sisters, to keep the peace, and keep the family intact. We must sweep the cobwebs out of our attic, and the dust from the cellar, and clean our party. We can do it … we MUST do it … because WE are the PARTY OF THE PEOPLE! And, the alternative, a world run only by corporate interests, is untenable.

We live in a country with a political system which favors two major parties. ‘First past the post’ elections guarantee it. It is on us, the Democratic Party members, to begin cleaning at the local level. Big changes start in small places … but we must work quickly.

The non-truths that flow from the White House and …

The non-truths that flow from the White House and its mouth-piece, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, are unending, marvelously audacious, and extraordinarily inaccurate. They are, effectively, Trumped-up. And, most important, they can only be successfully delivered in her dead-pan style. So, love her or hate her, Ms. Sanders is an extremely successful press secretary. It’s the lies she spins which we find unbearable.