Republicans allowed CHIP, the (Children’s Health …

Republicans allowed CHIP, the (Children’s Health Insurance Program) to expire. This is an unconscionable attack on the health and welfare of American children! CHIP was created under the Clinton Administration in 1997 with BIPARTISAN support. It provided coverage for children of low and moderate income families. It provided immunizations, routine checkups, and doctor visits for sick children. During it’s tenure, the numbers of uninsured children dropped nearly 14%.

When they allowed the deadline to pass at midnight, on September 30, Republicans did not simply play another hand in their larger efforts to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. This time, they have assaulted the most valuable component of our civilization — our children.

I will not abide by this. I will fight for the future of our country and the health of all our citizens — especially our children.

Help me take on the other side, by helping me get to Washington so that YOU have a voice!

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