BALANCING THE BUDGET will need to be addressed …

BALANCING THE BUDGET will need to be addressed when I’m your Congressperson.

I believe we cannot put our excesses on our children’s future. We must not steal from working families and seniors. To strengthen our economy, our Middle and Working Class MUST come first! Corporate welfare, which encourages companies to send our jobs overseas, must be reined in. And the record profits seen by big oil companies and Wall Street must be shifted back into the pockets of our working people.

I will reach across the aisle to find common sense solutions to these problems.

What are your thoughts? I will be representing ALL people of CD2, and even all of New Mexico. I am interested in learning about your ideas, and your experiences.

And, please help fund my campaign so I can work for you! It’s expensive to run for Congress, and I need your help! Please donate, and/or volunteer. I need $3000 by the end of this week to pay campaign bills such as printing, postage, and travel expenses. Click this link (or copy/paste into your searchbar):