In a USA Today story Trump declared he would let …

In a USA Today story Trump declared he would let Obamacare fail! He said “We’re not going to own it — I’m not going to own it!” He added that “We’ll let Obamacare fail and then the Democrats are going to come to us.” I say no way. We can play hardball too. And that means taking the House in 2018 and gaining ground in the Senate with each successive election.

Yes, the ACA needs to be fixed. But, it needs to be addressed in a bipartisan, and thoughtful way. One in which the best interests of the PEOPLE is taken into account…and is paramount!

I intend to do this when I am in Congress, with an aim toward single-payer healthcare…yes, quality healthcare for all!

Please support me in my campaign. I am running an ActBlue “fundme” this week. Your donation will help me as I drive to various locales around our giant district. Tonight I will be in Socorro addressing local Dems, and Saturday I will be in Tularosa with the Downwinders.

Get MAD and vote Blue!