Sadly, civil rights are under attack by the Trump …

Sadly, civil rights are under attack by the Trump administration. Budgets have been slashed, and desks are empty in multiple departments. Where are those empty desks? Many of them are in offices that oversee civil rights within the jurisdiction of each department. The Federal Civil Rights Agency is funded by Congress, and provides oversight, but has no enforcement ability. However, they have opened an investigation into the behavior of the current administration, and will report to Congress in 2019. With your support, I will be your Congressperson and I pledge to take action on that report!

To reach that goal, I need some monetary support. It costs roughly $50 to fill my tank. A motel room costs an average of $70. Our district is the entire bottom half of the state and requires a lot of travel. Thanks in advance!

Get MAD and vote blue!
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