This is a terrible report of animal cruelty, and …

This is a terrible report of animal cruelty, and horse “kill buyers” here in New Mexico. According to this report, an auction house in Los Lunas purchased horses from one of the Indigenous Nations (but doesn’t note which). The adult horses, including mares with foals, were immediately shipped to Mexico for slaughter. The foals, including weeks old babies – now orphans – were shipped to various locations across the country to be sold. Obviously, many have died. Compounding this, a veterinarian in Belen signed health certificates allowing the babies to be transported, even though they were too young to eat anything but milk, but had no mothers and required hand-bottle-feeding! Plus, many of them were suffering from strangles – a highly contagious and oftimes deadly horse disease. Needless to say, many of these babies died in horrific conditions, in overcrowded semi trailers.

Where do you stand on the issue of horse slaughter, and the transport of horses for slaughter in Mexico?

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