On the Issues:

Mad is motivated by issues pertaining to the 2nd Amendment, Education, Crime and Drugs, the Environment, and Health Care and Worker’s Rights.

2nd Amendment

As a gun owner and veteran, I am a firm supporter of our Second Amendment rights. That said, I also believe in stronger background checks, mental health screening, and age limits before purchasing a firearm. As a veteran trained in the use of military grade weapons, I see a distinction between those used for hunting and self-protection versus military grade weapons. In Congress, I’ll work to strengthen sensible gun control measures while protecting our 2nd Amendment rights.


In Congress, I will work to reduce the cost of higher education and a move toward free tuition for the first two years of college. I will also support funding to expand early childhood education here in New Mexico.

The truth is, in New Mexico, and throughout America, you can assess the quality of the public education a student receives by the zip code where they live. When I was growing up, education was the great equalizer in America. The promise was, no matter where you lived, you had access to a quality public education. Today, that is no longer the case. Poor communities are getting the short end of the stick. In Congress, I’ll work to change this. In addition to reducing the cost of higher education, I’ll work to support the expansion of New Mexico’s community colleges. Many students are looking for alternatives to the four-year college degree. Our network of community colleges offers students a less expensive pathway to good-paying jobs, fulfilling careers, and long-term security.

Crime & Drugs

New Mexicans are on the front lines of the war on drugs. More potent drugs, violent gangs, and Washington insiders who treat immigration policy like a political football are risking the safety of our families.

As a veteran of America’s Armed Forces, I believe I have the tools we need to better protect our families. In congress, I will put my experience as a member of the Military Police to work by spearheading new efforts to increase support for state and local law enforcement, crack down on drug dealers and gangs, and increase funding for efforts to keep our neighborhoods, streets, and families safe.

As a mother who has watched in terror as crime and drugs have transformed America’s landscape, I’m sick and tired of watching Washington politicians do nothing while cheap opioids flow into our country and kill our children. While I admire law enforcement members tasked with fighting drug traffickers and violent gangs, they need our help.


In Congress, I will devote myself to reversing the Trump Administration’s anti-environment, pro-fracking agenda and ushering in a new era of economic expansion around New Mexico’s abundant clean and renewable energy sources. The numbers speak for themselves. In 2016, solar was creating U.S. jobs at 17 times the rate of the national economy, rising to nearly 300,000 jobs in the U.S. solar industry. In 2017, the U.S. wind industry put up a new wind turbine up every few hours and now provides over 100,000 jobs. New Mexico needs to be a national leader the renewable economy.

In addition, we need to secure New Mexico’s water rights. New Mexico’s water resources are critically important to our economy, specifically ranching and farming. Recent court decisions have put these water resources increasingly at risk. The simple fact is our water resources are under extreme pressure from overuse and the effects of global warming. While we need to partner with surrounding southwestern states and take a regional approach to solving our water issues, we also need to make sure New Mexico’s farmers, ranchers, and cattle producers are protected. As your Congresswoman from new Mexico, I will fight to make sure New Mexican water rights are protected.

Health Care & Worker’s Rights

In Congress, I will support working families by expanding paid family and medical leave, enforcing equal pay for equal work legislation, and working for universal health care. I support Medicare For All. In Congress, I will do everything in my power to address the injustices in our health care system. The fact is insurance companies make huge profits while working families struggle to afford basic coverage. Universal coverage for New Mexico families, as well as families across our country, reflects my belief that health care is a right of all Americans, not a privilege for the affluent. It’s time we put insurance company profits second and families first. In Congress, I will fight so our families have access to affordable prescriptions, disability, mental health services, financial aid for small businesses and workers, and I will work so that all Americans have access to quality, affordable care regardless of their income.