Private Prisons

Currently, transferring public money to private prisons is unacceptable due to lack of oversight, in some cases leading to prisoner abuse. Oversight must be enacted prior to est more private prisons.


Heroin and opioid abuse and overdose deaths are a national crisis, including here in NM. Funding must be made available to provide needed services including counseling.

Body Cameras

Body cameras should be made available to all police officers for two purposes. 1) that they have a record of their actions to protect the officers, and 2) to set the public’s mind at ease.


Police officials require adequate funding and resources to perform their job. Some of this support must come from federal monies. I support law enforcement 100%.


School Choice

It is more important to find ways to improve schools for all children than to impoverish Public Schools by diverting scarce funding to Private Education.

School Lunch

Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act: School lunches and Hunger are no laughing matter, and not ethical ‘fodder’ for Trump administration jokes. I fully support Harry Truman’s School Lunch Program and Obama’s HHFKA !

Student Debt

58% of New Mexicans are reported to carry an average student debt of $20,193. We must find a way to lessen this burden even as we train / retrain our people for competitive employment.


2nd Amendment

New Mexicans have a right to keep and carry weapons. As a gun owner, I refuse to give up my rights, but believe that common sense discussions need to take place to find common ground between sides.



Access to quality healthcare is the right of all New Mexicans. It should be inexpensive and accessible. I support a continuation of healthcare similar to the ACA. I do NOT support repeal and replace. I support a move toward Medicaid for all.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is a women’s clinic which offers needed healthcare to traditionally under served communities. As such, I support continued funding.

Reproductive Rights

Reproductive decisions are a personal right.



As a Veteran, and a Veteran’s spouse, I believe our country is obligated to meet their needs: medical, psychological, housing, education, etc. I am devoted to helping our Vets, and support the VA.