The American people wanted change,” said Sen. …

The American people wanted change,” said Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.). “We were able to deliver.” Truer words were never spoken. With the Senate’s passing of their catastrophic tax bill, and the inevitable reconciliation that will take place between the House and Senate, Republicans will certainly bring the change the people want. But, not the way they think.

Republicans have effectively handed over midterm elections to the Democrats. Their missteps are engendering great turmoil and unrest that will ultimately play out in the ballot box. Their mistaken belief that they “must pass” this bill or lose their seats is the exact opposite of what is most likely to happen. Passing this bill will cause them to lose those seats in unexpected places.

In 2018 the Senate will be BLUE. And, unlikely as the HOUSE seems, it just may go blue in 2018 too.